Application of SDCX RMD120 Palletizing Robot in Rice Palletizing Line

Customer Requirements

The stacking process is stable, and the rice bags must not fall;

In case of power failure in the palletizing process, the manipulator can automatically hold the brake to prevent the rice bag from falling;

One palletizing line a day shall meet the specific requirements of the customer (not disclosed temporarily at the customer’s request) to ensure the production efficiency. 

Application Effect

Shandong Chenxuan palletizing robot is used to realize quick and accurate palletizing of rice bags, save manpower and reduce the risk of work-related injuries;

Compared with the automatic palletizer, the palletizing robot occupies a smaller area, which is convenient for user to arrange the production line.

It can achieve the palletizing efficiency of nearly 1000 cycles/hour, and better meet the customer's needs;

Shandong Chenxuan palletizing robot has stable performance, low failure rate of parts and simple maintenance.