Case sharing-Bearing base stand-up project


Today, the case I want to share with you is the bearing base standing plus project. This project adopts a handling robot and ground rail, adopts the visual system to complete the automatic stacking, automatic alignment, and completes the automatic loading and unloading work of the car standing plus machine tool processing.

Project difficulties: the workpiece material for manual placement of the whole bracket, each load 5-8 layers, the workpiece relative position and Angle is not fixed, the vertical machine tool to ensure that the same Angle.


The highlight of the project: the loading position of the robot adopts the tray limit device to make coarse positioning of the whole supporting material. The 2D vision system is added to the front end of the robot grip, which can automatically find the material center in the tray and grab the material for the cart. At the back end of the vertical vehicle process, add 2D visual system and servo turntable device, correct the Angle of the workpiece and add materials to the vertical. Through the cooperation of vision system and servo control system, the accuracy of the machine.

Post time: Dec-21-2023