Case sharing- -BYD car

Today to share the customer is byd car, byd belongs to axle industry, the is for byd frame tighten automation equipment, then let me introduce you, byd project overall with four anchuan GP180 robot to complete the shock absorber feeding and four different specifications bolt finally tightening process, placed the workpiece on the tooling plate in times speed chain line circulation, manual complete workpiece online loading work.

Project difficulty: the first process of the frame workpiece is the welding machine station, the positioning hole error is large, and the difficulty of assembling the shock absorber workpiece is relatively high.

Project highlights: a special conveyor is used to transport the shock absorber, and the robot takes materials from the special conveyor and places them on the assembly station tooling. The assembly and bolt pre-tightening process are completed, and the robot completes the final tightening process of bolts. The frame adopts 4 positioning pins (one main positioning, one auxiliary positioning, two supports) for positioning. The repeated positioning error of the entire assembly site is not greater than ± 0.5mm.

Post time: Nov-09-2023